Early in 2007 Gover Records released Rico's latest version of A Message To You, Rudy, a song he's been recording and playing since 1967. Rico became famous for his solo of the Specials' version in 1979. This one was recorded with Soulfood International, a young band he's playing with since 2004. It's their first record together.

GRO SP 03 C 500

7": Grover Supreme sleeve and single GRO-SP 03


GRO SP 03A L 500

7"-side: GRO-SP 03

GRO SP 03B L 500

7"-side: GRO-SP 03

7": Grover Supreme GRO-SP 03 /DE

released ca. March 2007




Rico with Soulfood International:

  • "Rastaman Shuffle" (Rico Rodriguez) 2:44
  • "You Can Count On Me" (Rico Rodriguez / Florian Wagner) 3:27