The French label, a subsidiary of Sonodiscs, started releasing singles and LPs as of ca. 1966, some CDs apeared in the 1990s. It is best known for its catalogue of classic Congolese music on the so called 360 series. At the same time the label is highly critised as the "attitude of the label was very much like that seen in the "Colonie Belge" genre of Congolese paintings" [1]. The label developed itself out of the French Decca label and it's "Surboum Africaine" and "Surboum African Jazz" series.

The Fiesta label is another sister label with catalogue numbers for singles instead of the for the African releases and the for French Decca; the numbers of the Fiesta LP releases are integrated into the African 360 series.


The 360 LP seriesEdit

(see separate page: African (label) discography: 360 LP series)

The 90 singles seriesEdit

Catalogue numbers 90.001 ff. and 91.001 ff.

(see separate page: African (label) discography: 90 singles series)

The 365 CD seriesEdit

The series started in 1991 and contains sloppily edited reissues of the label's catalogue.

(See separate page: Sonodisc_365_CD_Series)

The 425 LP seriesEdit

According to Johnston [2] the series issues "modern" material.

  • 425.001 - Bebe Manga: Amie [3]

Other releases (to categorise)Edit


  • Ikenga Super Stars of Africa (Afrodisia DWA 2150) [4]


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