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The LP Brixton Cat was credited to Joe's All Stars with Joe Mansano in the production chair. Recorded and released in 1969 the album's got its special quality from the trombone melodies and solos performed by Rico Rodriguez.

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Original release in 1969

LP: Trojan TBL 106, 1969


Side One:

  1. Joe´s All Stars: "Since I Met You Baby" (Edwards)
  2. Joe´s All Stars: "Reggae On The Shore" (Bilk/Mellin)
  3. Joe´s All Stars: "The Judge" (Mansano)
  4. Dice The Boss: "But Officer" (Mansano)
  5. Joe´s All Stars: "The Bullet" (Mansano)
  6. Joe´s All Stars: "The Proud One" (Mansano)
  7. Joe´s All Stars: "Friendly Persuation" (Mansano)

Side Two:

  1. Joe´s All Stars: "Sugar Serenade" (Mansano)
  2. Joe´s All Stars: "Hey Jude" (Lennon/McCartney)
  3. Dice The Boss: "Brixton Cat" (Mansano)
  4. Joe´s All Stars: "Poison Snake" (Mansano)
  5. Joe´s All Stars: "Funky Reggae" (Mansano)
  6. Joe´s All Stars: "Reco´s Torpedo" (Mansano)
  7. Joe´s All Stars: "Honky" (Mansano)


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  • Joe Mansano
  • Joe's All Stars - It is not known who played these sessions; Cane-Honeysett 1995 says: "the group could well have been yet another of the Rudie's many aliases"; the Rudies at that time were:
    • Earl Dunn (g)
    • Ardley White (b)
    • Sonny Binns (org) and
    • Danny Smith (dr)
    • Freddy Notes (dr); Michael de Koningh, 2003, p. 48 quotes Freddy Notes saying "It was me on drums on "Brixton Cat", you know." Notes was a singer with the Rudies who also played drums from time to time.
  • Rico Rodriguez (tb)
  • Hopeton Reid aka Dice the Boss (DJ)

Prod. and arr. by Joe Mansano. Eng.: Gerry Kitchingham

Release history[]

The LP was re-released on CD together with Blow Your Horn in 1995.