Jamaican vocalist who's recorded some sides during the 1960s. One of Rico's earlies credits was an obsure recording "Merry Christmas", produced by Dada Tuari.


Dada Tuari/Down Beat productionsEdit

  • Cedric & Rico: "Merry Christmas", 7"-side: Down Beat M80W 2967-1 - re-released on Ska Beat JB 229-A
  • "She'll Be Going To England", 7"-side: Down Beat M80W 2968-1


  • Cedric Bravo: "On Your Knees (Go Down)", 7"-side: King Pioneer. Prod. by Theo Beckford - released in 1965 on Blue Beat BB 287 as: Theo Beckford: "On Your Knees" b/w Theo & Yvonne: "Now You're Gone"

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