Discography Pt. 1: 1950s-1969Edit

Discography Pt. 2: 1970-1979Edit

Discography Pt. 3: 1980-1989Edit

Discography Pt. 4: 1990-1999Edit

Discography Pt. 5: 2000 ff.Edit


Early recordingsEdit

  • Rico: "Stabilizer" - Prod. by Keith Hudson; released on blank label 7", Jamaica; year unknown


  • Gregory Isaacs: "Rock On" (12") - said an interview with DJ Ras Kush; but it's Vin Gordon playing here!
  • Vin Gordon & The Upsetters: Musical Bone (LP: DIP /UK, ca. 1977), prod. by Lee Perry in Kingston /JA. De Koningh (2004, p. 123) gives credit to Rico & The Upsetters. This is definitely wrong; what we could not check is, if the UK release on DIP names "Rico and the Upsetters" as featured artists?! The material has been re-issued on CD (Justice League JLCD 5002)
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