Disobedient Children is a song written by Rico Rodriguez and Sean Flowerdew and appeared on Pama International's CD Trojan Sessions.

"...starring one of Jamaica's greatest ever instrumentalists, Rico Rodriguez ... Reunited on here with Specials' bassist Sir Horace, Rico also provides a rare vocal performance." (from the liner notes to 2006 CD Trojan Sessions)


2006, produced by Nick Mannaseh & Sean Flowerdew, Engineered by Nick Mannaseh, Fuzz Townshend, Ernie Mc Kone and Tom Cookson. UK, with

  • Rico Rodriguez (tb, voc)
  • Pama International
    • Finny (lead voc, tambourine)
    • Sean Flowerdew (hammond, clav, piano, synths, melodica, perc)
    • Fuzz Townshend (dr)
    • Simon Wilcox (tr)
    • Sir Horace Panter (b)
    • Nick Mannaseh (g, bvoc, melodica, perc)

Release HistoryEdit


  • First track on: Pama International: Trojan Sessions (CD: Trojan TJCCD325 / UK)
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