Jama Rico
It s Shuffle n Ska Time 500

CD: Jamaican Gold JMC 200.221 /NL

(c) + (p) 1994 Movieplay S.A.


It s Shuffle n Ska Time L 500
  1. Neville Esson: "Miss Ann" (take 2) (N. Esson) 3:08
  2. Owen Gray: "River Of Tears" (O. Gray) 2:39
  3. Matador All-Stars featuring Rolando Alphonso: "Bridgeview Shuffle" (R. Alphonso/L. Daley) 2:47
  4. Neville Esson: "Shimmy And Twist" (N. Esson) 2:31
  5. Owen Gray: "Poor Me" (O. Gray) 2:30
  6. The Overtakers: "Risk You A Run" (L. Daley) 2:24
  7. Matador All-Stars featuring Rico Rodriguez: "Continental Shuffle" (copyright control) 2:36
  8. Owen Gray: "Made Up My Mind" (take 1) (O. Gray) 2:18
  9. The Overtakers: "Unresistable You" (L. Daley) 2:48
  10. Owen Gray: "That Girl Sunshine" (take 1) (O. Gray) 2:39
  11. The Overtakers: "Beware" (L. Daley) 2:09
  12. Matador All-Stars featuring Raymond Harper: "Heart And Soul" (take 3) (F. Loesser/H. Carmichael) 2:30
  13. Owen Gray: "Made Up My Mind" (take 2) (O. Gray) 2:16
  14. The Overtakers: "Right Now" (L. Daley) 2:46



On the tracks "Miss Ann", "Shimmy & Twist", "Bridgeview Shuffle" and "Continental Shuffle":

  • Rico Rodriguez (tb)
  • Rolando Alphonso (ts)
  • Lester Sterling (as)
  • Lloyd Mason (b)
  • Johnny Moore (tr)
  • Jah Jerry (g)
  • Lloyd Knibbs (dr)
  • Theo Beckford (p)

without details on tracks/recording sessions:

  • Carl McLeod (dr)
  • Lloyd Knibbs (dr)
  • Hugh Malcolm (dr)
  • Arkland Parks (dr)
  • Lloyd Brevett (b)
  • Lloyd Mason (b)
  • Ernest Ranglin (g)
  • Jerome Haines (g)
  • Hux Brown (g)
  • Gladstone Anderson (p, keyb)
  • Herman Sang (p, keyb, bvoc))
  • Theophilus Beckford (p)
  • Jackie Mittoo (p, keyb)
  • Denzil Laing (perc)
  • Ickyman (perc)
  • Thomas McCook (ts)
  • Rolando Alphonso (ts)
  • Lester Sterling (as)
  • Headley Bennett (as)
  • Johnny Moore (tr)
  • Raymond Harper (tr)
  • Oswald Brooks (tr)
  • Emmanuel Rodriguez (tb)
  • Donald Drummond (tb)
  • Ronald Wilson (tb)
  • Joe Higgs (bvoc)
  • Noel Simms (bvoc)

Recording credits[]

Produced by Lloyd Daley. All tracks recorded 1960-1966 in Kingston, Jamaica at Federal and J.B.C. Studios. Recording eng.: Graeme Goodall, Louis Davidson and Lloyd Daley.

Digital transfer from the original master tapes done at Dynamic Sounds by Aad van der Hoek and Chris Gopie. Song selection by Aad van der Hoek


Cover concept by Aad van der Hoek.

Linernotes by Doctor Bustamente Dynamite (Aad van der Hoek), with photos and clippings courtesy of Lloyd Daley, Daenna Daley and Doreen Shaeffer