Leggo! (Ah-Fi-We-Dis) is The 4th Street Orchestra's second album on the Rama label.

LP: Rama RM 002, 1976

Re-release as a two LPs on one CD as: Ah Who Seh Do Deh/Leggo Ah-Fi-We-Dis (CD: Frontline /EMI) on 19.6.2006


Side 1Edit

  1. Back-Weh-Babylon
  2. Entebee
  3. None-A-Jah-Children
  4. Skatter Skatter
  5. Tribute To Idi Amin

Side 2Edit

  1. Ah-Fe-We-Dis
  2. Sure Shot
  3. Younger Generation
  4. North Parade
  5. Bounty Hunter (Sign Off)


  • Dennis Bovell
  • Rico Rodriguez (tb on "Ticoion", "None-A-Jah-Children", "Ah-Fe-We-Dis", "Sure Shot", "Bounty Hunter (Sign Off)")