Sylvain Morris mixed this extraordinary dub album from the original Burning Spear album Markus Children. It was released by Island Records ca. 1979.

Living Dub L A 500

LP: Island PRELP 3 /UK


Living Dub L B 500


  • "Children Of Today" (is "Marcus Children Suffer")
  • "Present " (is "Come")
  • "Associate" (is "Social Living")
  • "Jah Boto" (is "Marcus Say Jah No Dead")


  • "In Those Days" (is "Marcus Senior")
  • "Iry Niyah Keith" (is "Nyah Keith")
  • "Help Us" (is "Institution")
  • "Musiya" (is "Mister Garvey")
  • "All Over (is "Civilize Reggae")

All tracks by Winston Rodney. Track order follows the original Jamaican release of Marcus Children.

Living Dub C S1 500
Living Dub C S2 500


  • Winston Rodney (voc, perc)
  • Earl 'Chinna' Smith (g)
  • Ranchie McClean (g)
  • Brinsley Forde (g)
  • D Kingsley (g)
  • Donald Griffith (g)
  • Sly Dunbar (dr)
  • Leroy 'Horrsemouth' Wallace (dr)
  • Angus Gaye (dr)
  • Robbie Shakespeare (b)
  • Aston 'Family Man' Barrett (b)
  • George Oban (b)
  • H Lindo (keyb)
  • L Harvey (keyb)
  • Michael 'Ibo' Cooper (keyb)
  • Courtney Hemmings (keyb)
  • Bobby Ellis (horns)
  • Herman Marquis (horns)
  • Vin Gordon (horns)
  • Richard 'Dirty Harry' Hall (horns)
  • Rico Rodriguez (horns)
  • Dick Cuthell (horns)
  • Uziah 'Sticky' Thompson


Living Dub Volume One 300
Original Living Dub Vol 1 200

1992: Living Dub Volume One

CD: Heartbeat CDHB 131 /US

This is a completely different mix by Barry O'Hare & Nelson Miller

2003: Original Living Dub Vol. 1

CD: Burning Music 316 /US

Winston Rodney re-released the original remix!


Living Dub Volumes One & Two.
Essential. The Burning Spear vocal albums Social Living/Marcus Garvey and Hail H.I.M. are essential to any roots collection, and their dub versions no less so. In keeping with Mr. Rodney's taste for country living, (Sylvain) Morris allows plenty of space around instruments and voice as they fade in and out of the mix. Quite eerie, at times, particularly when Winston Rodney's disembodied voice floats across the mix. Note that the Heartbeat CD versions of these albums are completely different 1990s remixes, courtesy of Barry O'Hare.

(Source: Steve BARROW 1997, p. 220

Buring Spear has recently (2003) re-issued Living Dub Vol. 1 in the original mix on his own Living Music Label.