Love Of The Common People by John Hurley and Ronnie Wilkins is a classic tune recorded by many artists, probably for the the first time by Waylon Jennings. Early recordings were made by reggae artists such as Eric Donaldson or Cecil Thomas. In 1983 it became one of Paul Young's most successful singles and appeared on the singer's 1983 album No Parlez. This version contained a short but fine trombone solo by Rico.

Early recordingsEdit

Paul Young recordingEdit

Love Of The Common 500

1983 single cover

Recorded 1982 or 1983. Produced by Laurie Latham for LOL Productons. Credits:

  • Paul Young (voc)
  • Rico Rodriguez (tb)
  • Matt Irving (b)
  • The Royal Family
    • The Rev (keyb)
    • Mark Pinder (dr)
    • Pino Palladino (b)
    • Steve Bolten (g)
    • The Fabulous Wealthy Tarts (bvoc)
    • Kim & Maz (bvoc)

Release historyEdit


  • 7": Paul Young: "Love Of The Common People" (Remix) (7": CBS A-4077); T: 3:33
  • 12": Paul Young: "Love Of The Common People" (Extendes Club Mix) (12": CBS); T: 5:50, see: Discogs
  • Track on: Paul Young: No Parlez (LP: CBS), re-issued later on CD; T: 4:56


  • Track on: Paul Young: Paul Young (LP: Amiga /DDR); T: 4:56, see:


  • Songlyrics at
  • Video of a 1983 appearance of Paul Young at German TV "Formel Eins" show. Rico appears shortly on a balcony while playing his solo! At
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