Mash Potato Boogie is a song by Laurel Aitken, recorded in 1961 in London.

""Mash Potato Boogie" opens up with a great piano rhythm accompanied only by light rimshot taps. The lyrics are "food for feet" not "food for thought"! Laurel claims to be one of the wickedest Mash Potato dancers of the era!
Even old man Mose is mashing in time
Even old man Mose is mashing in time
Let's mash potato, mash till the end of time!
Another fine tenor solo at the bridge, while Rico's trombone takes the tune out in short but dramatic high note fashion." (from the liner notes to The Pioneer Of Jamaican Music by Dave Chapple and Kenn Jones, 1999)


Recorded 1961 in London, a year after Laurel Aitken and only shortly after Rico Rodriguez arrived in London, both emigrating from Jamaica.


Release historyEdit


  • original release on 7"-side: Laurel Aitken & The Bluebeats: "Bartender" b/w "Mash Potato Boogie" Blue Beat BB 40-B /UK; the single is credited to C.S. Dodd aka All Stars Prod. (cf. Tapir's Reggae discographies and Johnny, 30.5.2007)