Jama Rico

"Pablo Lubadika Porthos is a singer, solo guitarist, bass player, composer and arranger, he made his mark with a string of Zairean bands like Kim Bantous , Lovy du Zaire lead by Vicky Longomba’s, Group Celibithou and Orch. Kara before leaving for Paris in the 1979. Here is where he joined Sam Mangwana and African All Stars for the re-re-recording of 70s classic Georgette Eckins.

From here, Porthos joined other Congolese musicians like Pamelo Mounka, Master Mwana Congo & Assi Kapela that were being promoted by Richard Dick and his Salsa Musique Label in Paris. He released two 12″ singles by Pablo. It here in Paris that Pablo began devoting increasing amounts of time to his solo career.

In 1984 Pablo went to Britain to play bass for Le Quatre Etoiles at their London debut and he regularly worked with the Quatre Etoiles. You can call Pablo a free-lancer musician. But is he a one good free-lancer with good skills learned from his baby-sitters." [1]