Planetone was an early label on the London ska scene founded by Sonny Roberts in 1962 and thus "probably the first black owned ... record label in Britain. ... Rico recalls Sonny having a partner named only 'Reg', who now sells insurance back in Jamaica." (Michael de Koningh, 2003, p. 19)

Planetone RC1 London 500
Planetone RC6 HS 500

The Planetone studio "was situated in the basement of 108 Cambridge Road, London NW6 ... Sonny lined the studio walls with egg boxes to provide sound insulation, and either the recording equipment was very crude or Sonny was still learning to use it, for many Planetone records sound underproduced. Apparently he had a one-track machine, with little remixing capability. He even cut his own masters in the room next to the studio - a real cottage industry." (s.a.)

In this situation Rico came to record between 1962 and the end of the label in 1963 several sides with the Planetone studio band "consisting of Rico Rodriguez [himself], Lovett Brown (sax), Mike Elliott (sax) and Jackie Edwards (piano) ... called The Planets when Rico was not present and Rico's Combo when he was." (s.a.)

Discography (with Rico's contribution)Edit

  • RC 1 - Rico's Combo: "Midnight In Ethiopia" b/w "London Here I Come", 1962
  • RC 3 - The Dimples & Eddie w/ Rico's Combo: "Fleet Street" b/w "Good Bye World"
  • RC 4 - Rico's Combo: "Planet Rock" b/w "You Win", 1962
  • RC 5 - Rico's Combo: "Youths Boogie" b/w "Western Serenade", 1962
  • RC 6 - Rico's Combo: "Hitch And Scramble" b/w "Gee's Boogie"