The Legacy is the finally a film on the life and legacy of Rico Rodriguez made by Spanish/Catalan trombonist Jep Jorba.

The Legacy DVD 2007 T 500
"The phonograph starts to spin. The stylus falls softly over the vinyl record and life starts to play again that notes full of memories, difficulties, faith, travels and experiences.
The life of Rico Rodriguez and the life of jamaican music are two faces of the same coin. They are like two parallel lines that passed through the time and the place.
In the documentary “Rico Rodriguez – The Legacy” the time is 2006 and the place is Barcelona. The old caribbean melodies of the 60’s are performed by young musicians of the millenium, that take with pride the musical and spiritual legacy of this great trombonist.
These beatiful melodies become the perfect soundtrack to review the biography of one of the most humble and compromised legends of jamaican music."
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The Legacy DVD 2007 500

Directors, writers & editors:

  • Jep Jorba
  • Miquel Angel Arnáiz
  • Ester Casals

Production Manager:

  • Jep Jorba

Associate Producers:

  • Miquel Angel Arnáiz
  • Ester Casals
  • Noemí Duran
  • Raul Ferrer
  • Manel Tarascó

Camera Operator

  • Miquel Angel Arnáiz
  • Ester Casals
  • Jep Jorba
  • Noemi Duran

Music mixer:

  • Marc Marcé

Time: 24:38, Colour, Widescreen 16:9, Barcelona (Catalunya) 2006


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