Routes is an album by some UK drummer Jim Bamber called Fat Man released under the name BamJimba in 2006 and featuring Rico Rodriguez on two tracks (see below).

Routes CD 300


  1. "The Dedication" - feat. Urban Voice Choir/El Fata
  2. "The Guide" - feat. El Fata
  3. "Wake Up" (Dancehall Remix) - feat. El Fata
  4. "Down To The River" – feat. Urban Voice Choir/El Fata
  5. "The Bounce" - feat. El Fata
  6. "Ever Lovin' JAH" - feat. EL Fata
  7. "Train To 7 Sisters" DUB - feat. Dennis Bovell/Ali Youssef
  8. "Licence to Kill" (Bob Dylan) - feat. El Fata
  9. "Sail Away" (Harry Bogdanovs) - feat. Rico Rodriguez/Cecil Dorsett/El Fata
  10. "You Are My Sunshine" (Trad Arr Bamjimba) - feat. Rico Rodriguez/El Fata
  11. "Reggae Gone Clear" - feat Urban voice/Jah Ducks & General Sensi
  12. "Whited Sepulchers" - feat EL FATA
  13. "Praise Jah" - feat EL FATA
  14. "The Deluge" (Jackson Browne) - feat Urban Voice Choir/EL FATA


  • El Fata
  • Dennis Bovell
  • Ali Youffef
  • Rico Rodriguez


"A truly eclectic piece of musical mastery. Highly recommended."
"... Train To Seven Sisters, another standout track, serves up a dark vision of North London urban paranoia with its opening police sirens and Victoria Line underground train, building through harmonica, gruff horn and wailing Arab pipes to a wider vision of the global urban souk. In contrast, Sail Away, featuring the great Rico Rodriguez, is an ethereal summery affair of steel pans and El Fata's wistful vocals. ..."
  • Braunov:
The soundsamples on the website of BamJimba are nor that phantastic, the record seems to be very 'easy listening' very soft ...