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"Rudy, A Message To You" The song by Dandy Livingston (is R. Thompson) appeared also as "A Message To You Rudy". It is one of the most famous songs on the late 1960s skinhead problems and called upon the youth to "think about your future". A great song with a great trombone solo! A classic. Rico played on four versions (so far)!

First recording[]

1967, produced by R. Thompson, UK with

Release history[]


Rudy 1980 L 500

1980, Remix version

  • Dandy Livingston: "Rudy, A Message To You" b/w Dandy & His Group: "Till Death Us Do Part" (7": Ska Beat JB 273 /UK); see: Tapir's


  • Dandy Livingston: "Rudy, A Message To You" (7": Trojan TMX 4008 /UK); Tracks: "A Message To You" / "Tribute To The Prince" b/w "Big City" / "Think About That"



  • on: V.A.: The Trojan Story (LP: Trojan TALL 1 /UK, 1981)

Secord recording[]

A version was recorded 1969 , produced by Laurel Aitken, credited to Rico Rodriguez

Release history[]


  • Laurel Aitken: "Run Powell Run" b/w Reco: "A Message To You" (7": NuBeat 035 /UK); see: Tapir's

Third recording[]

"A Message To You Rudy" was recorded in 1979 by The Specials (featuring Rico) and prod. by Elvis Costello

Release history[]


  • The Specials: "A Message To You Rudy" b/w "Nite Club" (7": 2Tone CHSTT 5 /UK)

More at 2Tone.info

Fourth recording[]

"A Message To You, Rudy" was recorded again in 2006 by Rico himself backed by his German life band Soulfood International.

Release history[]