Jama Rico

This label by Joseph Kabasele, le Grand Kalle, followed in 1961 his earlier label African Jazz, which was created with the help of Belgian caompany Fonior. "And with that he (Kabasele) became the Congo's first African music publisher. ...Kabasele marketed his label exclusively in Congo (Léopoldville) while Fonior received the distribution rights for Europe and the rest of Africa." [1]

While the label was the label for Kabasele's Orchestre African Jazz is published some side of competitor Orchestre O.K. Jazz


ca. 1961-1962 [2][]

  • O.K. 01 - Orchestre O.K. Jazz: La Mode Ya Pius Apiki Dalapo (Franco) b/w Ngai Mwana Na Weyi (Franco)
  • O.K. 02 - Orchestre O.K. Jazz: Amida Asukisi Molato (Franco) b/w Mboka Mosika Mawa (Franco)
  • O.K. 03 -Orchestre O.K. Jazz: Mibali Bakomi Mpasi Na Leo (Franco) b/w Pa Roger Na Doli (Franco)
  • O.K. 04 -Orchestre O.K. Jazz: Cha Cha Cha Erique (Franco) b/w Soki Ngai Na Bandaki Yo (Franco)
  • O.K. 05 - Orchestre O.K. Jazz: Liwa Ya Wech [3] (Franco) b/w Na Likuanga Na Seli (Franco)
    • Both tracks have been reissued on LP African 360.070 and CD Sonodisc CD 36508)
  • O.K. 06 - Orchestre O.K. Jazz: Baiser Na Litama (Franco) b/w Bana Mpoto (Franco)
  • O.K. 07 - Orchestre O.K. Jazz: Franco Cantar (Franco) b/w Tika Toloba Lelo (Franco)
  • O.K. 08 - Orchestre O.K. Jazz: Lopango Ya Bana Na Ngai (Franco) b/w Mbanda Mwasi Alingi Ngai (Franco)
  • O.K. 09 - Orchestre O.K. Jazz: Amida Muziki Ya O.K. (Franco) b/w Motema Ya Fafa (Franco)
    • Both tracks have been reissued on LP African 360.070 and CD Sonodisc CD 36508)
  • O.K. 10 - Orchestre O.K. Jazz: Muana Moko Mawa (Franco) b/w Ye Bo (Franco)


  • O.K. 42 - Orchestre O.K. Jazz: Brigitta Mwasi Ya Makwela (Lingala) Comp.: Mujos (1964) [4]


  • AJ 1004 - Orchestre African Jazz: Caisse d'Epargne b/w Version
  • AJ 1005 - Orchestre African Jazz: Somba Journal Special (Kabasele) b/w Julie Aboi Ba Mbanda (Rody) [5]


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