The Dance of Nothing was a dance project of Liat Dror and Nir Ben Gal with their Israel Company

The Dance of Nothing AA

The original stage production of The Dance of Nothing is a production of the Liat Dror Nir Ben Gal Compaany in association with pro-motion in cooperation with CNDC d'Angers l'Esquisse and Theater der Nationen Zürich 1998.

The music was realised by Gilles Andrieux (saz, yayli tanbur), Yuval Micenmacher (zarb, daf, dabuka, bendir, perc), Haroun H. Teboul (oud, ney, kementché, voc).

Release detailsEdit

The Dance of Nothing. Original Soundtrack of The Cance Theatre Production (CD: no label, no cat.-no.) (p) & (c) 1998 Dror, Ben Gal, Hesse, Andrieux, Micenmacher, Teboul The soundtrack


  1. Marhaba 3:31
  2. The Making of the Bread 3:39
  3. El Hayam 4:08
  4. Love 8:25
  5. Celebration 2:23
  6. The Drummers 1:44
  7. The Dance of Nothing 3:33
  8. Shadai 4:38
  9. On The Beach 5:22
  10. Taewint I Genni 5:08
  11. Prayer 5:51
  12. The Sharing of the Bread 6:50


Music composed and performed by


  • Root (voc on 3 and 8)
  • Danny Mualem (comp. & programming on 3 and 8)
  • Malika Domran (voc on 10)

Track 10 is taken from the album Asura (c) Blue Silver. Recorded at Femios Studio Paris. Engineer & Mastering: Alban Sautour Exec. prod.: Jochen Hesse