Trojan Sessions is the fourth album by British reggae band Pama International. It's the first new record for Trojan Records in many years and features guest appearances by many "big names" of reggae music, a.o. Rico Rodriguez.

"Welcome to Pama Intl Trojan Sessions. We feel truly honoured to have been able to make this record. Not only have we got to record for the mighty Trojan Records, we've got to record with some all-time legends ..." (from the liner notes)
Trojan Sessions 500

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CD: Trojan Records TJCCD325 /UK

(p)+(c) 2006 Sanctuary Records Group Ltd.


  1. "Disobedient Children" (featuring Rico Rodriguez) (Rico Rodriguez / Sean Flowerdew)
  2. "Neither High Nor Dry" (featuring Dennis Alcapone) (Sean Flowerdew / Dennis Alcapone)
  3. "Betterment Blues" (Sean Flowerdew / Dawn Penn)
  4. "It's All About The Money" (Sean Flowerdew)
  5. "I Know It's Not Your Way" (Sean Flowerdew)
  6. "Life Is What Happens" (Finny / Sean Flowerdew)
  7. "It Ain't Funny" (featuring Dave Barker & Ansel Collins) (Sean Flowerdew / Dave Barker)
  8. "I Got So Much To Shout About" (Sean Flowerdew / Finny)
  9. "One Step" /Finny / Sean Flowerdew / Fuzz Townshend)
  10. "Penny Wise Pound Fool" (featuring Derrick Morgan) (Sean Flowerdew)
  11. Fisherman (featuring Winston Francis and AJ Franklin) (Sean Flowerdew)


Trojan Sessions L 500

TJCCD325 label

  • Pama International
    • Finny (lead voc, tambourine)
    • Sean Flowerdew (hammond, clav, piano, synths, melodica, perc)
    • Fuzz Townshend (dr, vov on "One Step")
    • Simon Wilcox (tr)
    • Sir Horace Panter (b on "Disobedient Children", "It's All About The Money", I know It's Not Your Way", "I Got Too Much To Shout About", "One Step" and "Fisherman"
    • Lynval Golding (g on "Betterman Blues", "I Know It's Not Your Way", "It Ain't Funny", "Penny Wise Pound Fool"
    • Ernie Mc Kone (b on "Neither High Nor Dry", "Life Is What Happens", "It Ain't Funny", "Penny Wise Pound Fool"
    • Nick Mannaseh (g, bvoc, melodica, perc)

Produced by Nick Mannaseh & Sean Flowerdew. Engineered by Nick Mannaseh, Fuzz Townshend, Ernie Mc Kone and Tom Cookson.

Recorded at Mannasehs/Somerset, Fuzz's Place/Shropshire, Boogie Back/London, Lynvals/Seattle, MAP/London, and Derrick Morgan & Ansel Collins in Jamaica. Mastered by Giovanni Scatola at Sanctuary Townhouse. Executive product management by John Reed. Co-ordination by Nick Bourne.

Photography by Jeff Slade. Front cover model: Yinka. Design by


For the moment I'd say: First track is best track. With Rico, Lynval and Horace the record has three Specials in the credits. But: there is nothing of the Specials' power and energy. Ok to listen to. Far from essential. - Jama Rico