Jama Rico

My name is R.P.Braunov. I started the Jama Rico Wiki at scratchpad to test its possibilities to present an arist site which I maintained for almost 10 years at Geocities.

I've been working on the German language Rico Rodriguez entry (and some more articles) at the German Wikipedia and placed Rico's discography at the English Wikipedia - and some more edits over there. I'm impressed by this system and its possibilities. Thus I think it will be helpful for this project.

  • All interested friends may join and add news or corrections!
  • I'm not dependent on any software on my computer.
  • I can work from every computer.

The aim was to have our own Wikia. Here it is and I hope that it will grow quickly!

You may contact me at the discussion page or via email: braun (at) fws-ma.de or braunovi (at) web.de.

How I came to do this? I don't know... From time to time I will try to tell a bit more about

My musical socialisation[]

to find out where all's been coming from and where it's going on. I don't listen exclusively to Rico's music!

My first record[]

1972: One regular question to all music involved people is that one about the first record someone bought. And indeed - as I had a small pocket money I had to prepare my decision quite well with questions like "What can I hear regularly on the radio?", "What do I have on tape?" .. I went to the local record shop and came out with Johnny Johnson & The Bandwagon: "Blame It On The Pony Express", a wonderful but today completely forgotten soul-/funk tune on the Bell label. (I decided against a certain Giorgio Moroder's "Underdog".)

1979: The Specials[]

with Rico!

Russian singer/songwriter[]

28 June 2007: Some days ago my wife's got a CD full of mp3 songs by Vladimir Vysotsky (see: German, English or Russian Wikipedia) from a friend who visited Moskow recently and whom she asked to look for his music over there.

Only guitar and a strong voice somewhere between Leonard Cohen and Tom Waits!? I've never heard something like this.

During the 1970s Vysotsky was, as she remembers, something like an underground star for young people in the communist world who did not agree with the system they had to live in.

Di Grine Kuzine[]

Di Grine Kuzine 043 500.jpg
Di Grine Kuzine 045 500.jpg

30 June 2007: Maybe five times I've seen this group now; and every time it's pure pleasure to dance; and enough power to make me strong enough for my son :). (see: Kuzine.de)

To Do[]