Jama Rico

Sorry I don't know this LP.

da Hello sir 

I have People's thing Group LP but I don't have the cover front and back 

Could you help me by scanning and sending them please to my email (fablefort@gmail.com) ? 

Many thanks for your reply  Fabien


Jama Rico, several days ago I hav uploaded cover of African 360.156, but up to now I have not understood how to embedd it in the catalouge page. Is it your job? Is it my job, if yes, how can I do it. Is there somewhere a small "How to"- Wiki. Have several other covers, would love to see a complete catalogue sometimes...

Best regards from Vienna

Peter Ko 21:38, June 14, 2012 (UTC)

Thank you Peter for participation. To put a pic in the right place you must edit the relevant page. The whole thing works nearly like Wikipedia, maybe a pit easier. I usually work in the edit format Code view (Code Ansicht in German). You go to the place where you want to put your pic and then you choose picture /Bild or gallery/Galerie. I propose gallery. You can follow the instuctions and the picture is uploaded an placed at the same time.

I'll go and look for the pic: It would be helpful if you could give me the file name.

Let's see.

Anyway thank you for conributing. Danke für die Mitarbeit!

Ok, it's done; wir können auch per Email Kontakt aufnehmen über rp.braunov[at]googlemail[dot]com


it was 360.156.jpg, I also have back cover. But I do not have time at the moment to continue editing the page. Please be patient right now.

You speak german? You are german? Where are you from?

Best regards


Next time in german?

PeterKo 21:55, June 20, 2012 (UTC)