Warrika Dub is Rico Rodriguez' famous Man From Wareka album in dub. Originally released in a very small "white label" quantity in 1977 it was not before 2004 that Island Japan re-released an "official" version while now and then bootlegs appeared earlier on the market.

Warrika Dub 2004 500

Rico: Warrika Dub, 2004 Japan release

(p)+(c) Island Records Ltd. 1977

Original releaseEdit

LP: White label /(Ghetto Rockers) PRELP 001 / UK

I have never seen an original of the LP, thus I can't say if there is something (or what is) written on the label or the matrix. - JR
The original Island release has become quite collectable in its own right, but the white label DUB pre-release is changing hands for three figure sums. (Quelle:
  Have just checked my original white label and the info is as follows:
 the label = Ghetto Rockers, Pre-LP1, Warrika Dub, Rico.
 Matrix/runout = I-1 PRE LP 1 A2 EG,  I-1 PRE LP 1 B1  EG.
 TP  24 02 12


Side A: 1. This Day Dub / 2. Gunga Din Dub / 3. Africa Dub / 4. Lumumba Dub // Side B: 1. Dial Africa Dub / 2. Man From Wareika Dub / 3. Over The Mountain Dub / 4. Rasta Dub / 5. Ramble Dub

Japan CD relaseEdit

Warrika Dub C 500

Japan 2004 reissue, CD cover

Warrika Dub L 500

Japan 2004 reissue, CD label

CD: Island UICY 3792 /Japan


  1. This Day Dub 5:43
  2. Gunga Din Dub 3:37
  3. Africa Dub 5:33
  4. Lumumba Dub 4:01
  5. Dial Africa Dub 3:44
  6. Man From Wareika Dub
  7. Over The Mountain Dub
  8. Rasta Dub
  9. Ramble Dub

All tracks written by Rico Rodriguez


All credits are identical with the Man From Wareika LP. We don't know who made the dub mixes to the tracks. Even on the Japan re-issue it's marked "no credit".

  • Rico (trombone)
  • Sly Dunbar (drums)
  • Jacko (drums on "Africa")
  • Ras Robbie Shakespeare (bass)
  • Bunny McKenzie (bass on "Africa")
  • Duggie Bryan (lead guitar)
  • Karl Pitterson (lead guitar, keyboards, percussion)
  • Junior Hanson Marvin (lead guitar)
  • Lloyd Parkes (rhythm guitar)
  • Phillip Chen (rhythm guitar on "Africa")
  • Touter Harvey (keyboards)
  • Ansell Collins (keyboards)
  • Tarzan Nelson (keyboards)
  • Tony Washington (keyboards on "Africa")
  • Skully (wood drums)
  • Tony Utah (percussion on "Africa")
  • Satch Dixon (percussion on "Africa")
  • Flick (fussy tambourine)
  • Ijahman (backing vocals on "Africa")
  • Candi McKenzie (backing vocals on "Africa")
  • Dick Cuthell (flugelhorn)
  • Viv Talent Hall (trumpet)
  • Bobby Ellis (trumpet)
  • Eddie Thornton (trumpet on "Africa")
  • Dirty Harry (tenor sax)
  • George Lee (tenor sax)
  • Keith Gemmel (tenor sax on "Africa")
  • Herman Marquis (alto sax)
  • Ray Allen (alto sax)

Recorded at Joe Gibbs and Randy´s Studios, Kingston, Jamaica, Sept. 1976 Engineers: Karl Pitterson, Errol Thornton, Dick Cuthell, assisted by Flick "Africa" was recorded at Island Hammersmith Studios by Karl Pitterson and Dick Cuthell, assisted by Kevin Dallimore Produced by Karl Pitterson Executive Co-ordination: Leslie Teacher Exectutive Producer: Chris Blackwell

Art dirction by N yamana. Designed by R. Yoshimura. Original illustration by Tony Wright.