"You Must be Crazy" is a line from the lyrics to Rico's song "Jungle Beat/Jungle Music". Since the 1990s the song is a central part of his live program and thus also presented on this, his first official life album.

You Must Be Crazy 1975 C 500

Cover artwork by Moskito Promotion, photo by Nesa Moawad

CD: T'bwana TBS CD 10 /Groover Records GRO-CD 002 /Indigo 5260-2 /D (ca. 1994) This CD was subsequently released with two different covers (left/up pic is the 1994 issue; right/down pic shows the 1999 edition)

Tracks: Edit

You Must Be Crazy 1975 L 500

Label for the 1994 release

You Must Be Crazy 1975 C2 500

Cover of the 1999 reissue

You Must Be Crazy 1975 C2B 500

Back cover, 1999 reissue

You Must Be Crazy 1975 L2 500

Label of the 1999 reissue

1. Confucious (The Skatalites) (4:41)

2. Bridge View (The Skatalites) (4:28)

3. Jungle Beat (Rico Rodriguez) (7:33)

4. Take Five (Paul Desmond) (9:23)

5. I Caught You (The Melodians) (4:32)

6. Rockford Rock (Public Domain) (6:26)

7. Africa (Rico Rodriguez) (4:58)

8. One O´Clock Boogie (Count Basie, Jimmy Mundy, Milt Ebbins) (4:23)

9. Do What You Do (Rico Rodriguez) (7:07)


  • Rico Rodriguez (trombone, vocals)
  • Eddie "Tantan" Thornton (trumpet)
  • Michael "Bammie" Rose (saxophone, flute)
  • Tony "Grocho" Uter (percussion)
  • Chris Hewie (keyboards)
  • Michael Jaques (guitar)
  • Kelvin Nash (bass)
  • Julian Rout (drums)

Recorded 29.3.1994 at FZW, Dortmund, Germany with Euromobile by Peter Brandt. Mixed and produced by H.P. Setter at T´Bwana Studio, Dortmund. Mastered by John Cremer at EMI, Köln

Artwork by Moskito Promotions

Covertext von Richie Jung a.k.a. Dr. Ring Ding

"... Rico's warm and expressive trombone sound and his solo style has always been highly estimated by fans and musicians, and even now, at the age of sixty, he hasn't stopped recording for innumerable bands and producers all over the world. But most of all, Rico loves to play with his own band which he formed some time ago, comprising some of the most gifted of Jamaica's and England's session and studio-musicians, with a rhythm section that provides a real backbone to the grooving and swinging tunes and a horn section that blows up many storms. This current CD was recorded live in a crowded club in Dortmund, Germany in March '94. While it is sometimes somewhat raw and funky, it is not at all unsophisticated, and as you listen to this fine piece of art, you will quickly feel the special atmosphere that Rico and his band create at all of their gigs - a sure delight for all music lovers ..." From the liner notes

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