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Z was a Berlin based new wave band with some records released between 1980 and 1982. The reached a certain regognition with a track called Legalize Erdbeereis, which was honored by some hornlines from Rico Rodriguez.

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In 1980 the music scene in Berlin changed quickly its main form of expression. Along with some really new bands developing in a similar way as punk and no wave in the Uk or the US many older musicians saw a chance for some commercial success with the birth of the "Neue Deutsche Welle". Many musicians were given contracts and subsequently they released a lot of records.

Most of the musicians of Z were for quite a long time on the local scene mostly playing R'n'B. With Engish vocalist David McCormack they released the single Erdbeereis with a ska beat and a first LP In Berlin. Local media were shure that the band will survive most of the other outfits. But even for Z time was over after two years.


  • Klemens Domning (b, voc)
  • Johannes Fuchs (keyb)
  • Michael Kurzawa (g)
  • Gerhard Helle (dr)
  • David McCormack (voc)



  • Der Geist b/w All In The Mind (7": Rocktopus 102 475 /DE)


  • Die blaue Zone (LP: Reflektor 0060553 /DE); Tracks: Hühnerfarm / Auf der Piste / Mittelloch aus / Bereit für die Industrie / Die Nacht aus Blei / Wunderschöne märkische Heimat / Die glücklichen 80er /Berlin alamo / Nachrichten
  • Hühnerfarm (12": Reflektor 0930063 /DE); Tracks: Hühnerfarm / Es kocht in der Stadt / Allein / Unterwegs
  • Hühnerfarm b/w Allein (7": Reflektor 0030.515 /DE) [2]


  • 30./31. Mai 1980: Berlin Rockzirkus
  • 2. Sept. 1980: Berlin
  • 11.-16. Nov. 1980: Interrock-Festival Berlin




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